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Our Programs at The Little Red School House

Preschool Program -


 We have a great balance of socialization time and academic time here. This is not the sort of school where we “baby-sit” while you are at work. We are keeping everyone busy with alphabet time, science time, reading time, manipulative teams and more. Our busy day helps the child to be able to fully enjoy the meaning of school and appreciate the things he or she has learned that they will take with them through their elementary school years.

Our preschool program starts at age two and runs through age six. In this program, we do a large variety of lesson plans with the children and use topics in each of our daily activities that reinforce the topic of that day. We do Science, Reading Beginnings, Circle Time, Spanish, Math, Current Events, Theater and MORE! We also do special lessons and use special equipment to work on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, letter forming as well as recognition, self help skills, socialization, and discovery.

Our program is unique because it is truly based off of the individual needs of each child. Our ratio of teachers to children is so low (on average, there is one teacher to only 4 students) our program becomes very customizable to each student. Your child will never be lost in the crowd in our school because we only have a maximum class size of twelve students compared to many schools with numbers as high as twenty three children to two teachers. Having such a low ratio allows us to give your child the one on one support they may need for certain topics. This teacher to student ratio also allows us to do activities such as alphabet time in small groups rather then one large group giving your child the most guidance as possible.

Speech and Language Program -


The MOST unique thing about our program is that we offer special speech and language support to the children who need it. We have a STAFFED speech and language pathologist who comes to our facility weekly to work within the group of children and help with any speech or language delays that may be present. There is also a special service that she offers to spend one on one time with your child  in our private speech room where she will conduct a one on one speech lesson. This is something that can be set up upon request with our office. On top of that, our group of children is unique because we integrate children who have speech needs with children who do not have speech needs to help the child who is behind through example. Our curriculum is speech oriented as this is beneficial to any child with or without speech needs. Verbalization is the key to success in elementary school and we strive to make every child as successful as possible. These students will also follow the curriculum of the preschool class so please feel free to read about our preschool program as well.

Kindergarten Before/ After Program -


Our before and after kindergarten program is a unique program that allows your child to have care for all of the hours that our school is open and still go to Kindergarten and back. If your child is in AM Kindergarten, then you would allow them to come here either by car or by school bus when Kindergarten is over. If your child is in PM Kindergarten, you would drop your child off here in the morning and we will put your child safely on the school bus. When the PM session is over, they could either take the school bus back to our facility, or take the bus home, whatever is more convenient for the parent.

For More information on any of our programs, please contact our program director at melaniesindaco112@gmail.com
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