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Special Events

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The Little Red School House Visits Croton Gorge Park

Our class took a field trip to Croton Gorge Park.  The students got to see & learn about waterfalls & dams.  They also enjoyed riding on the school bus, playing games in the park and having a picnic.

The Little Red School House Visits Muscoot Farm

Our class took a field trip to Muscoot Farm in Katonah.  The students got to see & learn about all of the farm animals.  They also enjoyed riding on the school bus, sitting on the tractors and taking a hay ride.  It was a wonderful day!!



Dr. Susan Pike

The students love when Dr. Susan Pike, our in house speech & language pathologist, comes for a visit.  They enjoy playing games and singing songs with Susan (especially when she brings her guitar!!).


We hold our annual graduation ceremony in June at a local park in Yorktown. The graduates get to dress up in their caps & gowns, giving your child a sense of accomplishment as they reach the end of their preschool journey.  We are so proud of all of them!!


Do you love digging for worms? Our students sure do! Our science teacher always engages our students in so many fun, hands on experiments. Yay for science!!


Once a week our children get to make a lunch or snack for themselves. Cooking helps your child gain many skills, such as measurement, sensory and muscle. Yum!!

 A Visit from the Fire Truck

The class had a visit from the local fire dept. The children enjoyed sitting in the fire truck and learning fire safety from the nice firemen.

Snow Making

Students mixed snow mix with a cup of water and made a beautiful glistening snow. The formula used during our snow making is the same formula that is often used on movie sets. Creating the snow was a lot of fun for the students, however, discovering the texture and recognizing the differences between our snow and traditional snow was a very educational experience.

Planting Seeds

Since it is a little cold outside, we planted seeds in our classroom science center! We grew green beans and discovered how to make them grow!


 A Visit From The Dentist!

To celebrate Febuary as dental health month, our students each received a lesson from a local Yorktown Pediatric Dentist about the importance of keeping our teeth healthy and how to clean them!



Our class loves when its time for karate!  Our instructor comes in multiple times a month to teach the children martial arts.

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